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FinServe Financial with Black Swan Insurance Group helps people across the country find the best life insurance, debt elimination and tax-free retirement solutions they are looking for to protect their families and their futures.

About Us

Our mission at FinServe Financial with Black Swan Insurance Group is to protect middle-income families from an unforeseen financial disaster, live debt free and have a comfortable tax-free retirement. We have access to 20+ “A” rated insurance companies and are able to shop around for clients to find them the best policy that they can qualify for without going through an invasive medical exam.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection is simplified, quick-issue insurance that is used to protect your greatest asset—your home. It’s designed to provide a death benefit to pay off all, or a portion of, your mortgage. Optional riders are available in most states, such as disability income. This protection can be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Final Expense

Final expense plans are designed to help alleviate the financial stress associated with the death of a loved one. Due to the variety of our providers and the flexibility of final protection plans, we can structure a plan to fit your budget and find coverage for you no matter what your current health status may be.

Retirement Planning

We specialize in providing Indexed Universal Life (IUL) and Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) products that can be used to create a retirement income that lasts as long as you do. These funds accumulate on a tax-deferred basis, which can be a tremendous advantage over time. In addition, these products provide an opportunity for growth without the risk involved with most investments. This is especially attractive to pre-retirees looking to preserve assets they’ve built over several decades. We have the expertise to help you find the best and most suitable products to fit your needs.

Retire Your Debt

We are able to design Specially Designed Insurance Contract (SDIC) to help people pay off their debts earlier than they had expected, while building cash value wealth.

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Protecting your loved ones from financial hardship, paying off debts and preparing for retirement are very important steps to take. However, instead of trying to manage it all on your own, seek help from an expert at FinServe Financial with Black Swan Insurance Group. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your questions, concerns, and future plans.

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